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FileHopper Plus

With SecurityCoverage FileHopper Plus you'll never have to worry about losing a file again.

FileHopper Plus provides easy, automatic, and secure backup of your important data, the things that really matter to you.

You simply install it, choose what to backup, and forget it. FileHopper Plus does the rest. Never again worry about accidental deletion of files, hard drive failures, lost data from computer theft, or data loss from virus and spyware threats.

FileHopper Plus is available in 3 different storage options:




If you have a limited number of critical files, or if your files are smaller in size, then the 5GB option is perfect for you! Small text documents, e-mail on your local hard drive, even a few hundred music files can be backed up.

FREE with your Sand Prairie Wireless membership

Perfect for storing your critical files, important photos and music. The 50GB storage option gives you plenty of space to store all of your important files, safely and securely. Equal to about 10,000 songs or about 16,000 photos*, the 50GB storage option will handle most individuals critical backup needs.

$5 / per month

An excellent choice for families or small businesses, the 250GB storage option is an ample amount of storage and a great value! Equal to about 50,000 songs or about 80,000 photos*, the 250GB storage option will handle any family or business backup needs.

$13 / per month

* assuming 5MB file size per song and 3MB per photo


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