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Frequently Asked Questions—Installation

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What is included in the installation?
Our professional installation includes mounting and aligning the connector to get the best signal, running a small cable to your router or PC, and insuring you have Internet service at the appropriate service level. We will connect to existing networks but do not set up home or business networks as part of the install.

Does wireless mean there are no wires?
Wireless means that the connection between your house or business and our network uses radio waves instead of wires to communicate. The device we professionally install to communicate with our broadband network will then communicate with your router or PC using a small cable (CAT-5e, also knows as Ethernet cable).

How big is the receiver / antenna?
Called a connector, the receiver or antenna is about the size of a box of facial tissue.

Does it have to be installed on my roof?
The unit must be installed in the optimal location so it has line-of-sight with our broadcst equipment. This may mean it needs to be installed higher on your house or business. In completing our FREE site survey, we determine the best location for the equipment. The vast majority of installations are not on a roof.

Is there a fee for the installation?
You may choose to pay an installation fee of $129.95 and have no contract or opt for the no install fee and commit to a two-year installation contract at a slightly higher monthly rate. Our professional installation fee covers the cost of labor for the install and the incidental installation supplies.

Click here for installation fees and rate options.

Who owns the equipment?
The cooperative retains ownership of the service equipment.

How long is the connector expected to last?
Connectors have no moving parts to wear out and upgrades are done over the radio signal. Although rare, electronics can fail, and in that case we replace the equipment with the only cost to you being a labor charge. We do offer an optional package to cover the labor in this event. Users will be charged for replacement of damaged equipment.

Do I need special equipment?
To use the connection equipment we supply, you must have a Network Interface Card (NIC or Ethernet card) in your PC. During our FREE site survey, we can help you determine if you have the necessary connection port. If you have more than one PC, you will need a router. We recommend a router even if you only have one PC. We do not supply the router and will discuss options and make recommendations if you choose to aquire one.

Do you have technical support?
We have live 24/7/365 techical support by phone for connectivity issues. Phone 877-571-9851. E-mail questions are handled during regular business hours. On-site support for euqipment change-out/repair is typically within one business day. 

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